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Harry Potter Fic Finders.

Looking for a fic or want a rec? You've come to the right place!

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Looking for a story you can't find or want a recom
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 We'll help you find that lost fanfic you read once but can't find again. We'll also help recommend those fanfiction's you want to read but can't come across, from new to old. Looking for people who have been in the fandom for awhile since some haven't been in the fandom for too long. 

ALL pairings, and genres are welcome. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Slash, canon , Non-Canon, crossovers, etc. 

Be nice. No fandom/pairing/genre bashing of any kind will be tolerated. 

Be as specific as possible (genre, pairing, rating etc.)

Possible spoilers, adult content, will be expected if we need to find the fic so please make sure to *SPOILER* in the correct area. 

IF YOUR FIC ISN'T FOUND: If it's been over forty-eight hours and no comments, we have our group on FB under the same name that we will post and hopefully be answered. There's also other groups, LiveJournal's that offer help the most active one would be SnarryFicFinders, that centers on Snarry fic's but will help on any other pairings. 



hd_storyroom is a place to recommend your favorite fics. . . new and old! Take a moment to tell us what you loved about them! Was it Draco's snarky wit? Harry's courage? Those sexy leather pants that had you drooling on your keyboard just from the description? Whatever it was, we want to know!</lj>

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